3-Piece Smart Box


Perfect for small items in the kitchen or desk drawers, this 3-piece box set is crafted with cardboard and covered with colored paper.

neet cooler trunk organizer



Not just for the car, this collapsible trunk organizer can be used to organize cleaning supplies, seasonal décor, or tools. The removable six can cooler is an added bonus.

folding non-woven storage bin



Great when given in multiples, this is awesome for your linen closet storage needs or in the bathroom closet for hair products, styling tools, etc. The side carry handles make accessing the contents a breeze when stored on a shelf.

electronics organizer travel case



Great for toiletries, cords, makeup, or small bathroom product organization, this features zippered compartments, mesh pockets, and sewn-in elastic bands for storage of items in a variety of sizes.


Do Your Promotional Products Spark Joy? Our Top 4 Items for Promoting Your Brand Through KonMari


With the recent release of Netflix’s hit show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, the desire to organize the home is on the rise. In case you missed it, the KonMari method is organizing consultant Marie Kondo’s process for optimizing joy by getting rid of clutter and storing belongings in a smarter way. She utilizes containers of all shapes and sizes to bring order to drawers, cabinets, and shelves. Separating your storage into compartments and storing similar things together allows for ease in locating the items when you need them. As the saying goes, there should be a place for everything and everything in its place. A more organized home and work space reduces stress and increases productivity, making this a great idea for internal use within your organization as part of wellness programs or externally as a client gift.


We picked our 4 favorite items to use with the trendy KonMari method of tidying that can be branded. Not only does this increase visibility of your brand due to repeat exposure, it shows you’re on top of the latest trends. Better the lives of your clients or employees with these great branded organizational items.