The Curse of Trinkets and Trash! 




The other day I was introduced to a potential client, he asked “What business are you in?” I replied, “Promotional Products/Corporate Branding.” His response to this was, “Oh, you mean trinkets and trash?” I was stunned! I thought that reputation title was history!

Forty years ago, when I started in this industry, the industry had been labeled “trinkets and trash,” along with other names. At that time, it didnʼt bother me as much. However, the promotional marketing industry has changed so dramatically, that it blows my mind how far weʼve come.

This industry has taught me that Promotional Products are an integral part of a companyʼs overall marketing plan and is a solution. These solutions can provide unique and lasting brand impressions that far outlast many conventional advertising mediums.

But just how do we rid our industry of this outdated reputation as being “trinkets and trash”? The answer is education. Our mission is to be industry advocates and educators providing insights into how branded merchandise can be utilized as more than just a product. We must educate our clients about the many services

and solutions available for successful campaigns. As I am known to say, “What you donʼt know, you donʼt know.” All of this comes from education, and earning the respect and trust of our clients. Once they know the power of what this industry can offer, the term “trinkets and trash” will be forgotten!


Here is a list of the many services available to brand your business:

- Branded Merchandise: ○ Promotional Products ○ Corporate

   Apparel & Uniforms ○ Direct Mail ○ Signs & Displays ○ Safety

   Merchandise ○ Kits & Product Packaging ○ Custom Products

- Company Webstores ○ eCommerce Websites ○ Inventory &

  Fulfillment ○ Reporting

- Fulfillment & Warehousing ○ Warehousing

- Supply Chain Management ○ Fulfillment

- Kitting & Assembly

- Distribution

- Awards & Recognition

- Awards ○ Recognition ○ Corporate Gifts ○ Rewards ○ Incentives

- And so much more! Topics: Marketing, Promotional Products