Getting to Know Your Customers - Tips on How to Engage With Customers 


In our industry, we often must look at new ways to provide our services. We are challenged every day to find creative solutions for our clients. How do we determine the right solution? The answer to this question is easy: Get to know you customer!

While the answer itself seems obvious, successfully getting to know you customers can be challenging. So how do you get to know your customer and find ways to best serve them?


Below are 5 ideas, tips, and tricks that will help you in your quest:


1. Hold Events: Dave Lavinsky, contributor to writes, “While events take time to plan, they are well worth the effort. In todayʼs world, people crave experiences more and more. You and your company have the opportunity to offer a great experience, and use it to grow your company.” If you can get your client out of their office environment, they tend to be more relaxed and open. The office acts almost like a “fortress”. If you can hold an event at a social or relaxed location, this will help to bring down the walls.

2. Investigate their competition: If you can understand what your customerʼs competitors are doing, you can tap into one of your customerʼs biggest concerns. By truly understanding the competition, you can then cater your responses and solutions to directly address a pain point of your customer. This level of detail paints you as a consultant and partner.

3. Understand their customers: Almost every company provides a good or service to someone else. Therefore, to help your customers, it is a good idea to get to know their customers. By understanding what their customers need, you can better show them how your service can help them better service those needs. You can also directly ask your client “Who is your customer?” and, “Why would an individual or company spend money for your service?”. These questions will also show your customer that you are engaged and truly care about their business.

4. Social Media: The year is 2017 and social media has become as important to a business as a sales department. Business large and small utilize social media to communicate with their customers. By looking at their social media you get insight into their events, social issues, and corporate culture.

5. Bond over a bite: There is a reason that when you have company in your home, that they all congregate in the kitchen. Humans naturally bond over food and meals. Bring your customers bagels or muffins, take them to lunch, invite them to happy hour and appetizers. When you share food, you tend to also share ideas and information.

At the end of the day, getting to know your customers is all about building a relationship. Hopefully by using some of the tips listed above, you too can get to know your customerʼs a little better.


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