How Breast Cancer Impacted the Lives of Our Bradley

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Up until 10 years ago, October was just another month on the calendar. Then, we welcomed our first daughter, Sloane, into the world on October 16th 2007. My mom who had been teaching Special Education for 35 years decided the time was right to retire and help my wife and I take care of our daughter. It was a decision that she claims was the best thing she ever did.

Once our daughter began school my mom finally had time to travel, go to lunch with her friends, play Maj and do the things pretty much any retiree looks forward to doing. Things quickly changed one February morning while my mom was taking a shower. She felt a lump in her breast that she had not noticed before. Without any family history of breast cancer, my mom decided to be pro-active and see a doctor just to be safe. A biopsy was done and the results came back negative. Obviously, this was a huge relief to not only for my mom, but for the entire family. One thing to know about my mom, she doesnʼt like to make her family or friends worry. Unbeknown to my siblings and me, my mom setup another biopsy with a family doctor to get a second opinion. The second opinion turned out to provide horrible news – my mom did have breast cancer. After many conversations with her doctors and specialists, the decision was made to remove both of her breasts to decrease the risk of the cancer coming back. In July of 2015, my mom underwent a double mastectomy. Besides for the routine checkups, she is doing great - thank g-d. I am forever grateful that my mom wasnʼt complacent and took action as soon as she felt something wasnʼt right. Her outlook could have been completely different had she not been as pro-active in seeking medical opinions right away. I am also thankful that she went out and got a second opinion to be on the safe side for who knows what the outlook would have been had she not. The month of October is not just about celebrating the birth of our daughter, but also about celebrating the rebirth of my beloved mom, the matriarch of our family.










We think about all the other moms, daughters, wives and sisters whose lives have been effected by this horrible disease, young and the old. Our mothers diagnoses has affected us all differently, but one thing we can all agree on is – self-examinations are so important and the importance of the annual mammogram. We are so fortunate and blessed that our mom is fully recovered but itʼs also important to reflect on the families that are not as fortunate. Awareness is key and for my family and me. October being breast cancer awareness month is vital in bringing attention to the cause so we can hopefully find a cure to rid the world of this awful disease.

Please help support our initiative to raise money for the cause by donating to American Cancer Society - Real Men Wear Pink Campaign. Our President and Founder is a 2017 Real Man for Detroit and wearing pink every day in October. Please pledge your support at


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