Breast Cancer - Awakenings From a Friend 

I would like to share the story of my good friend who is in the midst of her fight and just posted a very raw update to create awareness this month in honor of October being BC awareness month. She is one of the reasons Iʼm passionate about this fight for a cure. She is very transparent about her diagnosis every step of the way, as she fights for her life. I wonʼt share the photo she included posted post-mastectomy, but she asks that we share her message. Here is her post:

Logan Moore

Iʼve been inspired by a few of my brave survivor friends who have been posting some raw photos in the hope to remind people this October that Breast Cancer is more than pretty pink ribbons. It's losing parts of yourself and your life figuratively and literally.

This year it was losing - My hair My nails My breasts

My energy My plans for my MBA My hopes for career advancement My thoughts of ever expanding my family .... and eventually my life and my children's mother.


Take charge of your health and your bodies.


Please help support our initiative to raise money for the cause by donating to American Cancer Society - Real Men Wear Pink Campaign. Our President and Founder is a 2017 Real Man for Detroit and wearing pink every day in October. Please pledge your support at


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