Building a Wellness Program Part 3 


How to Start a Wellness Program: Employee Buy-In

As with any initiative, making it clear that management is excited about the wellness program is an important step toward success. The simplest way leaders can promote their wellness programs is to maintain a healthy lifestyle themselves. Employees notice these things and tend to model them. Think about it - If you had a manager who was maybe overweight and knew that he smoked five packs a day and was a heavy drinker and yet he was telling you that you need to start this wellness program, it just wouldnʼt seem right. Once you have management fully on board, it's time to market the program to employees. There are traditional poster and e-mail methods of spreading the word, but there's also an opportunity to have a little fun. You can create fun videos or send out promotional items centered around wellness.


How to Start a Wellness Program: Evaluate

It's hard to nail down a rate of return on improved health. But, in a business environment, it can be important to try. Depending on availability, some methods to consider are absenteeism rates, productivity measurements, and surveys about morale to quantify the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of a wellness program.

If your company doesn't track these factors, you can still assess how effective your wellness program is and where it needs improvement by asking your employees. Assessment in a smaller organization can be as easy as asking, “Are you pleased with the program? Do you feel that it's helped you? What other programs would you like us to offer?”. Just remember that wellness should be a part of your overall company culture. If this is embraced, it will have a positive effect on almost all areas of your business.


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